KemAsia Seashells and Rattan Products- Artifacts/ Crafts
KemAsia  Seashells and  Rattan  Products- Artifacts/ Crafts

Welcome to KemAsia SeaShells & Rattan Products, Craft/Artifacts

Our  items are  Seashells and Rattan that is of  the Nature. Our motto is  precision,accountability  durability. and reliability. In our New York store. Our  Sea Shells& Rattan and Bamboo selection is quite extensive and unique. You are sure to find something to meet your astute taste! Our pleasant, fashionable staff is here to help you find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to Seashells Designs and Rattan Furniture. All our merchandises  are hand made and  hand crafted.

Our  Seashells merchandise is made of natural seashells and ocean shells. In addition the shells  are put together  with precision with a focus on detail. Our team strive on presenting  the highest quality of  work that is durable.  The Sea shells and Ocean shells designs  designs  consist  of dolls, chandeliers, boats, sofa love seat, wall ornaments and many  more designs.


Our Rattan  Bamboo Rocking Chairs and Rattan bamboo chairs  are made of Original bamboo and  Original rattan. The material is freshley picked  and then placed in  the sun to dry. After it is dried it is used to make the Rattan and bamboo chairs. 


Our Rocking  chairs are exceptional in that they are huge and handcrafted/ handmade. A special effort is placed on precision, durability and handcraft. These Chairs are very comfortable and are made for all sizes. Most rattan furnitures are used for exterior. However, these can be used for interior or exterior.The designs of the chairs are well put together with the collaboration of the design and advertising departments.

In so doing  we created exclusive merchandise.

We are a state of the Art-run business that focuses on Nature.  We have been in operation for over 20 years.

Our products are  local and international and we produce nothing but Original sturdy  Seashells, Ocean shells and Rattan and Bamboo quality items. Learn more About us.

Browse through Our  Main Gallery showcasing all our Original Products .

We are sure  you won't find such  exclusive  Seashells and Rattan items anywhere else, for such an affordable price.

Our Ocean Sea Shells ornaments are hand made and hand crafted .

Our chairs are Real  and  of the Original Rattan and Bamboo material.

All our merchandises are handmade and hand crafted and one of a kind.

We have experienced sales  design staffs locally and in Asia who work diligently to get this done.

Our Advertising  team  works closely in developing these products with our design team.

The team effort enables us to produce these unique and high quality merchandize at an affordable price.